September 07 d., 2016

Clusters are Invited to Apply for “Maturing” Consultations

The Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) invites to submit an application for the so-called cluster “maturity” consultations that focus on strengthening clusters that are already active in Lithuania, building their competence in development and growth.

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August 05 d., 2016

Direction – Cooperation and Clusterization of Companies

Engineering industry in Europe is the engine of the EU economy, and Lithuanian companies play an important role here. Our industry creates most advanced technologies as well as products and solutions that meet clients’ expectations. Branch engineers solve current and future global issues, such as sustainable energy and climate change, automation, smart cities, laboratory equipment, etc.

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July 21 d., 2016

Seminar “Encouraging Collaboration with Scandinavia”

On the 2nd August, the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) invites to the seminar “Encouraging Collaboration with Scandinavia”. During the seminar, three measures for Lithuanian clusters will be represented:

Description of the participation and financing conditions of the financial instrument “Innovation Express” of the Baltic Sea Region project “BSR Stars”
MITA measure for partner search in Scandinavia that supports visits of companies
MITA project “Promotion and Development of Innovation Networking (InoLink)” that provides services to clusters.

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