Waynord Cluster was established in 2016. The idea of smaller IT companies to join and tackle larger projects with joined force is not new at all and for us, it was a no brainer – our combined knowledge, our diverse experiences, skill sets would benefit clients. One may always go to their partner in IT and ask for help, but when in a cluster every participant takes full responsibility for the end result, which could only be achieved seamlessly and organically within the cluster.

At the start, Waynord was a 5-company union with goals to expand thus creating a multi-layer comprehensive service offer for any sort of a client. We have grown and now 8 companies strong: Aciety (coordinator), digitouch!, Front-IT, Osos, iTO, Devus, Indeform, We Are Marketing. Every one of our companies has grown in the number of professionals and revenue over the years with a margin of that growth coming due to cluster value.


UAB Aciety

Aciety is the “mastermind” and coordinator of Waynord Cluster. As a B2B platform for IT companies all over Europe, it has close ties with originations that were hand-picked and approach with the idea of this Nordic value cluster.

Aciety is a marketplace of professional IT companies and their developers, helping clients to find the best long-term outsourcing partner match. We achieve the result in two major steps:

  1. We pre-screen suppliers to admit only those that are capable of delivering quality results so that clients wouldn’t have to do research on their own.
  2. We use a matchmaking engine which gives a few but highly matching results, rather than asking clients to post projects and wait for dozens of (largely unrelated) bids from countless providers.

As our main general work is to pre-match and coordinate client and supplier interactions, it was natural to exactly doing so within the cluster. Aciety’s intercommunication skills, experience in multi-level cooperation management is essential for a flowy cluster steering.


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Devus is a development company that specializes in marketing, consulting, e-commerce, and much more. They have years of experience in developing websites for industry giants like Red Bull. The company also develops its own product for marketing and e-commerce, FirePush.


digitouch! is a company with vast experience in process consulting, business management, mobile app, and other digital product/platform development. They are ready to consult and provide you with a project for a product MVP and also represents the Canias ERP Business Management System in Lithuania.


FrontIT was founded in 2006 by two Scandinavians, we’ve grown to a team of twenty. Together, we’ve spent over a decade making a web-based software for a wide range of clients. We enjoy solving complex problems, which always begins by asking the right questions. From the very start, we work with you to understand your business needs, taking care of the project management from kick-off to delivery.

The outcome? Creating high-performance software that’s easy to use.


Indeform is a full-service IT company specializing in visual technologies, software development and digital graphics. Indeform strives for innovation and technical excellence, with a focus on the development of complex and creative solutions to help their clients drive their business forward and achieve their goals.


iTO – software development company “From ideas to strategy to integration”.

We help to reinvent your organization through the use of digital technologies.


OSOS was founded in 2012 by two ambitious entrepreneurs. The company engages in long term projects with a customer-centric view. They enforce continuous improvement by learning and active communication. OSOS demonstrates the ability to innovate, become better IT partners, and grow as a company and as individuals.

We Are Marketing

WeAreMarketing was established in 2012, the company describes their work as “bringing back the connection between brands and people”. Focused on growing together with their clients, they set extremely high standards for their work.

Our accomplishments determined our orientation towards B2B sector. To make it a real success story, we do not consider of being just a marketing solutions supplier, but our results-oriented professionals strive to create value for your business as if they were a part of your own marketing team.