ICT, Manufacturing & engineering


Founded in 2015, the Toolas cluster offers a wide range of laser microprocessing solutions from individual parts, software, to micromachining engines and systems. Our main goal is to develop an infrastructure where pooling our competences, resources, and R&D activities lead towards new technological solutions, accelerate mutual growth, and generate additional value to our customers. We are open for co-creation and new business opportunities, offering flexible team of photonics, engineering, coating and IT professionals who are eager to develop unique technological solutions. Our services includes: R&D activities; processing technologies; optomechanical engineering; optical design; diode-pumped solid-state lasers solutions; laser development.


VITP (Visoriai Informational Technology Park)

VITP is technology park located in Vilnius. Our aim is to help companies grow and build a professional community. Our main activities are rendering consulting services on innovation, finance, R&D to innovative companies and developing infrastructure for innovative companies and attracting private investment into such development. We help companies develop insights for initiating and creating new products or services, facilitate clustering of companies and creation of new value chains and provide favorable infrastructure for growth and networking of business.