Energy and Construction

International Energy Cluster

The International Energy Cluster (hereinafter IEC) bringing together companies of the energy sector with extensive experience and good reputation, was established in Kiev in June 2018.

Areas of activities of the IEC companies in energy include production of metal structures, design and construction of lines and substations, development of hydro-electric and of renewable energy facilities, manufacture and supply of materials and equipment, development and implementation of cyber security solutions, training of specialists of required qualifications, and design and construction of telecommunication systems.

The general aim is to promote cooperation between companies, extend the partnerships and economic activities, increase the competitiveness and international awareness of the cluster companies, and become the centre of excellence in the power sector.

The IEC unites 7 companies that produce and supply energy equipment, metal structures, perform the design, contracting and start-up works, telecommunication system works, as well as 5 associated research institutions operating in the field of energy. IEC members and scientific partners work in joint projects in Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany and other EU countries.


Fidum, UAB

The company specializes in business consulting clusters, their training and administration, work with investment projects and EU grants

+370 600 26 733


-PROV-Produktions- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

PROV is the general licensee of patents and industrial property rights of the private company Forschungsinstitut für Flüssigboden GmbH. It produces and sells products under the RSS System brand

“Law Firm “SOLIDUM”, LLC

LEGAL PARTNER. SOLIDUM Law Firm specializes in providing legal and consulting services to businesses in the energy / green energy, construction and agribusiness sectors.

ABC Sinergy, LTD

The company provides a full range of services for the design, construction, reconstruction and repair of high-voltage cable and overhead power lines and substations to start-up and adjustment works on electrical grids in the class of voltage up to 750 kV inclusive


SEC Baltic is the only manufacturer of industrial lead-acid batteries in Lithuania and one of the first to produce lithium batteries and energy storage systems. Products SEC Baltic are labeled with BATTEC – Battery Technology. Designed in the EU – trade mark, a brand that reflects state-of-the-art battery technology and European quality standards.


Hot dip galvanizing of metal and steel products, production of high-quality metal constructions

FiFB – Forschungsinstitut für Flüssigboden GmbH

SCIENTIFIC PARTNER. The FiFB is the developer of the liquid soil method and the engine of further innovation with a focus on industrial research. The company develops and optimizes new technical solutions and construction according to the requirements of modern infrastructure systems. There is a construction materials laboratory specially equipped for liquid soil. The FiFB provides the means and structures for the necessary quality assurance and defines the necessary rules for damage-free constructions with liquid soil. The FiFB provides all services from the development of the desired recipes to the control of the production and application of the liquid soil process, tests and verification etc., which turn an innovation into a reliably mastered and economically advantageous solution


SCIENTIFIC PARTNER. The main fields of the company are internationally recognized energy-related research, experimental activities, development and innovation

National Technical University “Dnipro Polytechnic”

SCIENTIFIC PARTNER. The provide research university of Ukraine, which work on execution of the programs, aimed to solving problems of the development of fuel and energy complex, mineral base, engineering industry, environmental protection, improving mine safety. Priority research areas are also information technologies for complex signals, artificial intelligence, information safety, telecommunications, mathematic modeling and methods of optimization


SCIENTIFIC PARTNER. The main directions of the Academy’s activities are research and development in the construction of energy facilities and training of specialists for the energy sector.


The Science and Technology Company ENPASELECTRO established itself as a leading choice in design, adjustment and upgrade of electrical power equipment, improvement of operating modes of power plants, substations and industrial enterprises using modern technologies (microprocessor-based electrical protection and automation devices, monitoring and control systems, diagnostics and monitoring instruments and systems, communication facilities), after-sale servicing of equipment, training for power facilities personnel

Tavrida Electric Dnipro, LTD

The main production activities of the company are serial production and warranty support of middle voltage vacuum switching equipment, switchgears and serge arresters. The company provides construction, reconstruction and modernization works on power facilities as a contractor or subcontractor.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

SCIENTIFIC PARTNER. VGTU is one of the largest Lithuanian higher education institutions, the leader in technology sciences. VGTU is among the top 2,1% of the best universities in the world. There are 10 faculties including Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute, Architecture, Business Management, Civil Engineering, Creative Industries, Electronics, Environmental Engineering, Fundamental Sciences, Mechanics, Transport Engineering. Scientific research and experimental development is performed by 13 institutes, 3 research centres and 23 research laboratories. VGTU is among top universities by 7 subjects in QS WUR  2019.The best position is in Engineering – Civil and Structural position (Top 51–100)