Health technology cluster iVita

We introduce high quality and high value added health technology products and services that can improve human security, add efficiency to their activities, contribute to prevention and public education and promote healthy lifestyle habits. Besides strengthening the competitiveness of the cluster organizations in the domestic and export markets we also promote the latest and most effective production and management technologies, business and science cooperation in research and development activities, as well as youth entrepreneurship and public awareness of wellness.

We reach to become a recognized cluster both in domestic and external markets as a dynamic, cooperation enhancing and innovation stimulating entity. Today wellness cluster iVita connects 21 strong and high competence Lithuanian innovative organization that have long term business experience and high management and technical potential that puts a strong base for rich business oriented activities towards higher competitiveness and further expansion.


Accumulated long-term experience, knowledge and main activities of organizations that has joined into a wellness cluster permits us to have these different, but focused on a single and common health technology area competencies:

  • Application of functional and smart textile solutions in the process of wellness products development;
  • The knowledge and experience in effective nutrition and food supplements employment in wide range of wellness areas;
  • Strong mechanics, biomechanics and physiology knowledge base;
  • Long experience with developing and applying mechanical and electrical engineering solutions;
  • Optimal usage of existing rehabilitation methodologies and tools as well as the development of new ones;
  • Enhancing safety at work by exploiting existing tools and processes and developing new ones;
  • Application of IT for new high value added products and processes development.

Wellness cluster iVita is a group of companies sharing the goal of enhancing cooperation and synergy in the area of health technology products development. By combining the expertise mentioned we can create wellness products oriented towards these wellness areas:

  • Products for an active lifestyle;
  • Products that enhance people communication and increase their visibility in the surroundings;
  • Products for sport;
  • Products for rehabilitation;

Prevention oriented products.



AB “Audimas”

Founded in 1931, company “Audimas” is a market leader in the development, design and manufacture of functional sports and leisure clothing in the Baltic states. Company focuses on sports apparel and technical textile products – latest “functional”, technology-based sportswear.
Company has two businesses:
A garment supply operation, i.e. the Supply business. The Supply business offers supply solutions in sports clothing that call for advanced production technologies and high quality. Company has solid skills in product development and production for European premium sports brands;
A sports clothing brand and retail operation, i.e. the Brand business. In the Brand business, company develops and distributes sports clothing under Audimas brand. Audimas brand ranks among the top sports and active wear apparel brands in Lithuania. The regional brand operation, which covers the development of propriety sports lifestyle apparel collections and the distribution of sports clothing through retail and franchise shops in the Baltic countries. The company`s brand business accounted for 35 % of its consolidated sales.
Main competencies
  • Considering innovation as a very important tool, company is involved in the latest “no-sew” technology, laser cutting, different printing technologies, which offers much lighter, cleaner look, flat seams and additional design possibilities, including the use of the latest stretch fabrics;
  • Smart clothes development in collaboration with other companies and science institutions;
  • By being dynamic and independent the company is able to respond quickly to the market and deliver market driven products within few weeks;
  • Company has long history working with European sport brand companies developing and supplying new products.

AB “Ortopedijos technika”

“Ortopedijos technika” is the largest manufacturer of orthopedic aids in the Baltic countries that started its activity in 1945. Today company occupies about 50 % of the national market, having a significant impact on consumer`s choice because of deep traditions, modern working technologies and developed manufacturing base with competent specialist`s team. Company seeks to contribute to the country`s public health and disease prevention, offering only high quality modern orthopedic tools and services that exceed consumer expectations and satisfaction.

Main competencies
Main activities include manufacturing of orthopedic goods and providing medical services:
  • -Textile, plastic, knitted supports for sport, rehabilitation and maternity;
  • -Orthoses production by Pre-Preg technology;
  • -Orthopedic footwear, foot insoles, orthopedic shoe lasts;
  • -Consultations of orthopedists, rehabilitologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, surgeons;
  • -Performing operations of arthroscopic knee and corrective foot surgery;
  • -Prosthetics and rehabilitation center;
  • -Varicose vein surgery.
  • -Company keeps close and long-time contacts with European companies. Foreign partners appreciate an optimal ratio between price and quality of company`s articles.

Lithuanian University for Sport

Lithuanian State Institute of Physical Education was founded after the Second World War in 1945 as an independent institution. The Institute was settled in the premises of the former Physical Education Palace that was built in 1934. In 1999 the Institute was renamed into Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education and in 2012 into Lithuanian Sports University (LSU).
LSU has always been and remains to be an important center of sports science and a fosterer of physical education and sports values and traditions in Lithuania. Since its foundation the institution has trained over 14 000 physical education teachers, sports coaches, physiotherapists, tourism and sport managers and other qualified specialists.
Main competencies
Aiming to be an open university, providing higher and continuous education based on the latest research advances and technologies and, thus, contributing to the sustainable development of the country, LSU acknowledges internationalisation and integration into the European higher education area as the key factor that facilitates modernisation of the University and assures the quality and relevance of education and research. From the very beginning of its participation in the European mobility and cooperation programmes, LSU seeks to establish sustainable long-term cooperation with EU and non EU universities, aiming to mutually benefit from the diversity of educational practices and cultural values, and develops its identity recognisable by other universities and communities at large.
The main strengths of the University:
  • International quality of sports physiology and sports genetics research;
  • High attractiveness of sports studies and physiotherapy programmes to Lithuanian youth;
  • High prestige of sports specialists (especially in basketball);
  • The aspiration of the University community to become a Sports University predicated on science, studies and innovations;
  • All study programmes accredited by international experts;
  • Participation of the vast majority of the academic community in ensuring the quality of studies (updated compositions and functions of study programme committees);
  • Well-developed international partners network to carry out academic teacher and student exchange and work placement.
Specialization directions: sports, physical education, rehabilitation, health promotion and recreation.
Lithuanian Sports University is devoted to initiating and developing strong links of cooperation with other higher education institutions with the aim to exchange experience seeking to improve quality of education, training and research.
The University has been participating in a number of EU initiatives such as TEMPUS and SOCRATES. The University is a member of number of high-profile international networks and associations.
Researchers at the University are famous for high achievements in sports science and research not only in Lithuania but also abroad. Their articles are published in prestigious scientific journals, and they are read and appreciated by the elite in the world sports science.


Lympo – Healthy lifestyle ecosystem powered by user-generated and user-controlled sports and wellness data.

Oriental studio “WUDANG TAO“

The goal of the WUDANG TAO studio is to gather people, who want to find a healthy and happy life, share their physical and spiritual experience, create and develop together. The main direction of our studio is the upholding of martial arts, but besides that we also pay attention to the other meaningful activities. First of all, it is – meditation. Without it, martial arts, our consciousness and our practice would become limited and later disharmonious. We hope that  our further activities – yoga, pilates, practising mudras and mantras, calligraphy lessons, Chinese traditional medicine and tea ceremony – would take place. The architect Algimantas Kančas helps to create ascetic, modern and spacious place with the Zen feeling in it.
WUDANG TAO studio is open to everybody and now there are three groups: for students, for adults and for advanced practitioners.
After lessons it is always pleasant to relax, share your thoughts at the cup of tea, and rejoice at achievements. Sometimes we organise film screening or simply grab a book from the mini library in the studio.
At present our team is not so big but eventually we believe it will be. We are devoted to Wudang taichi and kungfu, and people who constantly attend lessons, radiate positive energy, are attentive to each other. We could say – we are becoming like one big family. So, in other words, we would like to invite YOU to our cosy studio, share your ideas and thoughts, express yourself, develop new skills, and meet new friends!

UAB “Acorus Calamus”

Acorus Calamus – a producer of high quality herbal products.

UAB “Active training”

The Active Training School successfully trains personal trainers to the highest 
European (EREPS) and global (ACE) standards. 
Conducts various trainings, organizes seminars and sports events. 
Together with cluster members they participate in various joint projects.

UAB “Amžių linija”

Fitness club and wellness center “Linija” works since 2000. Sport center offers wide range of services – group exercise rooms, gyms, swimming pools, saunas, beauty salon and solarium. Also club cares and provides great offers for children, mothers before and after childbirth, and seniors.
Main competencies
  • Sustainable youthful and experienced team inspires innovative wellness ideas that help for our physical and spiritual well-being;
  • Offers various modern and most necessary group workouts for active people;
  • Professional trainers are always ready to advice on sports and nutrition issues.

UAB “Anupriškių parkas”

Leisure, entertainment and business complex “TonyResort” located in a beautiful place in Lithuania – Anupriškės pine forest, close to Trakai. A hotel complex offers high quality accommodation, conference and event organizing and entertainment services for all types of customers.
Main competencies
  • A wide range of services provided in one place that include accommodation, entertainment and food catering services;
  • Develops and oversees the oasis of nature to which harmoniously blend recreation and entertainment architecture;
  • Ensure the quality of the rest and a pleasant and professional service;
  • In 2011 company was rated with Tourism Award for the most successful tourism idea for families in Lithuania;
  • Company successfully and increasingly collaborates with foreign travel and tourism agencies to provide the best hospitality services to clients;
  • Furthermore, a number of loyal foreign companies continuously use the services provided.

UAB “Baltec CNC Technologies”

Main JSC “Baltec CNC Technologies” (BCT) activities are divided into two separate sectors:

  • Metal processing (the company has wide range of technical skills and offers a variety of metal processing operations), manufacturing of precise mechanical components and assembling;
  • Various research and development activities in the area of application of different technologies like IT, WSN and embedded systems in the field of wellness (BCTLab).

Also a close partnership is held with science institutions of Lithuania: Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian Sports University, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and Vilnius Pedagogical University.

Main competencies
  • High R&D experience and expertise in IT and embedded systems;
  • Valuable team building experience from science, engineering, medical organizations;
  • Trusted relationships with science organizations, associations and other institutions;
  • Long term experience in participating in EU funded projects under different programs (FP6, FP7, Artemis, Eureka, Eurostars, etc.);
  • High technical skills in the field of CNC mechanical processing;
  • Development of new methods in all activities (implementation of Lean, 5S methodology);
  • BCT cooperate with more than 10 business and science institutions from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Greece.

UAB “Ekofrisa”

Organic and conventional groats producer. It is one of the main producer in Baltic countries. International certificates ensure the highest quality of Ekofrisa products. Even 82 % of products are exported worlwide.

Areas of collaboration:

1.Reahabilitation products from buckwheat;

2. Healthy food.

UAB “Elinta”

JSC “Elinta” was established in 1991 as a small research and manufacturing company. Over time it became the most important figure in the field of Lithuanian industrial automation. Since its foundation, the company is trying to bring together the highly skilled and qualified team. Business strategy is based on sophisticated, user-friendly and effective automated control systems and the original device creation.
Company offers a wide range of industry automation solutions. Working range:

  • Trading in automation elements;
  • Industry automation;
  • Installation of electrical and automation cabinets;
  • Trading in measurement instruments;
  • Production of computer vision systems;
  • Electric vehicles, charging points and parts;
  • Rubbee – electric drive for bicycles.
Main competencies
  • Production of 3D scanners;
  • Process control automation;
  • 3D Quality inspection systems for production flaws detection.

UAB “Elintos matavimo sistemos”

JSC “Elintos matavimo sistemos” provide test and measurement solutions and instruments to the market for more than 10 years. Main customers are various laboratories, institutes, universities, plants, maintenance and utility companies. The organization is constantly improving customer service and expanding the range of measuring equipment.
Main competencies
Main competencies in thermography, metrology and electronic device distribution:

  • Measuring devices and equipment, debugging systems, testing equipment and power supply sources;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Consulting service;
  • Equipment verification and calibration;
  • Thermovision Infra Red service.

UAB “Fitodenta”

The company - start-up operating in the field 
of biotechnology, works with biological 
materials of natural origin, 
which are widely used in personal hygiene, 
food, as well as health care. 
The company`s goal is to introduce market 
new biotechnology product - 
a prototype of a dental post-operative 
treatment system.

UAB “G Sportas”

“Maistas sportui” is a chain of stores of specialized food supplements for sports and active living people. “Maistas sportui“ business partners are famous, well-known and trusted manufacturers of nutritional supplements. They are exclusive representatives in Lithuania of the following manufacturers: Universal Nutrition, Nutrend, Scitec Nutrition, Vitargo, Planta Pol, Full Force, Sigma Sport, Sport Pharma and others.
Main competencies
  • Company offers the widest range of nutrients and supplements for sports and active living people;
  • Company encourages and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • Company supports a number of sports events, various sports athletes and participates in trade shows.

UAB “Impuls LTU”

The largest network of health clubs in Lithuania.

Main activities are – group training, qualified trainers, sport academy and other.


UAB “Pikotera”

At Pikotera, UAB, we design electronics devices and software for their control.

Having the know-how of data gathering from sensors grids, remote long-range (more than 8 km) data transfer, radio frequencies (RF) modules development and software design, as well as having created various devices acting independently, we provide with whole technical design R&D services for devices aimed to collect/transfer data or act according to remote commands.

UAB “SatiMed”

SatiMed is a phytocannabinoid company. They are group of biotechnology professional specialists who are focused on the research and production of cosmetic products, food suplements and functional food.

UAB “SDG grupė”

SDG (Safe Labor Guarantee) is the consulting company established in 2002. In the decade SDG became a market leader in Lithuania. Company has 11 offices in the largest cities of Lithuania. In order to meet clients` needs, the company is continuously creating new services and improving its employees` qualification. In 2008 SDG has won Ruban d`Honneur, European Business Award for Customer Focus. In 2011 new business directions and activities has influenced creation of SDG group. Recently SDG group of companies is formed by five enterprises:

  • SDG grupė, Ltd (SDG group) – management and consulting of all companies;
  • SDG, Ltd – consulting and training services;
  • SDG kodas, Ltd (SDG code) – work clothes and personal protection equipment trade;
  • Saugi Pradžia, PI (Safe Start) – various social and charity projects;
  • Ohutu Töö Garant, Ltd (Safe Labor Guarantee) – the consulting company located in Estonia.
Main competencies
  • Business consultancy and training;
  • Occupational safety and health;
  • Employment law;
  • Fire safety;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Occupational risk assessment and evaluation;
  • Implementation of ISO standards;
  • Engineering services;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Social projects.
Company also works with international companies from Germany, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

UAB “Vibramedica”

VibraMedica health clinic is located in Kaunas. 
The philosophy of the clinic is to look at the 
person as a whole by discovering the 
causes of diseases and ailments and using 
unique, science-based technologies to 
eliminate the consequences of diseases. 
Using medical equipment and technologies, 
the clinic combines the treatment process 
into one common one - the process of 
diagnosis, health, training, education. 
The set of health technologies used helps to
restore the natural balance of 
the body and its systems, reduce or completely
eliminate pain, soothe emotional 
tensions, provide a state of peace, strength, 
energy and self-confidence.

UAB “Wiper Software”

UAB „Wiper Software“ –a programming company working with cyber security, home users and IT security systems.

UAB “Žali žali”

Producer of healthy food.

VšĮ “Robotikos mokykla”

Robotics School hosts a wide range of activities aimed at different age groups. Most activities target children and youth, but we also have programs for adults. Students discover here breakthrough technologies!

We apply hands-on technology in engaging and motivating students to learn science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM curriculum) while equipping them with the real-world knowledge required by today’s global society.

Robotics School also implements a number of projects in rural areas, libraries and schools, in order to acquaint children with the latest technologies.

VšĮ „International Basketball University“

BU is an institution that unites leading and recognized experts of basketball worldwide for the sake of growing basketball professionals and their understanding of the game in its entirety by combining research, practice, education, and experience.