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Association of Lithuanian Printing Industries

Association of Lithuanian Printing Industries (LISPA) is an independent, non-profit organisation that integrates progressive and developing companies into a single group based on their association with the profession of printing. The LISPA unifies printing houses, academic institutions, and printing and allied industries. The members of this organization meet the standards of market experience, quality management, and annual turnover as specified by the LISPA, which, in turn, establishes a company’s status as a reliable business partner. The association unites advanced and innovative businesses in the Lithuanian printing industry that produce books, periodicals, labels, promotional materials, packaging products, print on metallic surfaces, and offer handmade bookbinding services.

The objective of the LISPA is to create a long-term strategy for printing market development and uniting printing market participants in the process of creating market solutions.

The major tasks of the LISPA are as follows:

  • To represent and defend members’ interests in Lithuania and abroad;
  • To cooperate with national institutions regarding the drafting of legislative acts concerning professional activities of printers in order to promote development in the printing sector through resolutions by national institutions;
  • To contribute to the establishment of free competition and a transparent and open business environment;
  • To initiate and promote the establishment of a qualification training system and basic changes in the interrelationship between business and academic society;
  • To form permanent or temporary groups of experts (i.e., consultants) for analysing relevant economic and social processes for the members;
  • To collect and store scientific and methodical information related to the professional activities of printers for use by its members;
  • To promote cooperation between printing industries and scientific institutions;
  • To act as a mediator in making contacts with business partners, especially with foreign representatives;
  • To organise conferences and exhibitions.


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