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The members of Cluster are sharing ideas and know-how on export-import, looking for innovative technologies, design and production solutions in textile industry, cooperate and support each other. Only working closely together companies can reach higher goals and create added value for its customers. All clusters members are benefiting from the common result.

The main goals and tasks of the Cluster:     

  1. Creating of common products and services, and providing them to the market. Development of economic companies activities.
  2. Search of local and foreign partners, increasing of export, visiting of the local and international textile events, or participating at them.
  3. Search of innovative materials and technology solutions. Science-technological-economic activity. Business and science cooperation. Promotion of innovations and investments. Development of common science research and experimental projects.
  4. Search and use of common financial possibilities by participation at Clusters development in EU projects, for to increase cluster members production, services and export possibilities.
  5. Education of cluster members competences. Cooperation with academia because of rising textile workers qualification, inviting practitioners from the schools.
  6. Representation of cluster members at the different events, sharing of information and contacts, mutual collaboration.


Contact LT UAB

Contact LT UAB for 16 years now is working with business contacts with Lithuania, presenting Lithuanian companies to the companies abroad, in different countries.

In 2017 Contact LT established Innovative Textile Cluster “InnoTekstil”, and is coordinating it. At the moment the cluster unites 10 companies, supplying sewing, painting, embroidery, design, retail and consultancy companies. The idea is to invite more textile companies, also clothing, materials, textile research institutes, academia to join Cluster, for to unite as many different services in textile industry as possible, for to grow locally and expand internationally together.

Contact LT is now participating at EU project for international events in textile market visiting, with the purpose to find international partners for creating innovative design for textile industry. The innovations nowadays play very important role in the textile industry, as labor capacity in this industry is shrinking, and only modern thinking, innovative solutions and innovative technologies will safe the industry.

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