Manufacturing & engineering

Cluster of Manufacturing Innovators – CoMI

Innovative Manufacturing Cluster
The idea to start our cluster was of vision to create a specialized Digital Innovation Hub, providing a full range of services – from support consulting, technological audit to fundraising.
And able to provide access to laboratories, the latest technologies and available in all major Lithuanian industrial cities, which is especially needed at the early stage of creating innovations in the regions.

The cluster’s innovation group has agreed to invest in the facilities and technological infrastructure of the Digital Innovation Hub and to expand its expertise and innovation support and consulting services. The aim was to enable the DIH to provide a full range of services to manufacturing companies as one stop shop.

Also cluster has some long perspective goals:

To increase competitiveness and exports of high value-added products in Lithuania
To ensure the efficient use of raw materials used in production
To increase the innovation capacities of manufacturing companies
To increase employment, job transformation and productivity growth in manufacturing
To develop and promote international networking and integration into the EU and international value chains


Pažangios inovacijos

Pažangios inovacijos provide the necessary equipment and facilities for small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, individual innovators, R&D and scientific institutions. We grant access to materials, equipment, competences and advanced manufacturing technologies. The Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), Business Incubator and Accelerator are operating in the Manufacturing Innovation Valley.

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AEDILIS is an engineering company, which specializes in substation automation and industrial automation infrastructure projects. Cooperating with us and trusting in our engineering expertise, customers save time and money as they are guaranteed flawless functioning of substation automation and process control systems – the AEDILIS team works with a variety of manufacturers of equipment, protocols and software


Aerodiagnostika – innovative, multifunctional and customizable drone systems designed for civil and military use. Thrust UAV platforms are capable of making long-range and low-altitude flights at speeds ranging from 30 to 260 km/h with payload weight of up to 8 kg.

These operating parameters allow collecting various types of data at scale with minimal operational costs. Therefore, our solution is Sustainable, Efficient, and Profitable.

Baltic FEZ

Along with Marijampolė municipality we aim to offer convenient infrastructure and create a pleasant and safe environment for the business of Baltic FEZ investors.


BaltLED is an international company, providing LED illumination solutions for signage and general lighting applications all over Europe and other continents. Through our experience in applying LED and lighting control technologies in general lighting, we have already managed to save more than 945 000 € for our customers.


DIPtech / UAB Dirbtinis intelektas pramonei is a start-up offering digitization and artificial intelligence solutions for industry. DIPtech product portfolio includes Demand Forecasting & Inventory Planning System, Forecast-as-a-Service, AI Strategy and Consulting Services and tailor-made AI solutions for manufacturing companies.

DP technologijos

Continuous innovation in fuser rollers and belts technology providing high-level service

Energy Advice

Energy Advice is a technology development and consulting company focused on energy-intensive industries, developing digital solutions and providing consulting services to increase efficiency and sustainability.


Product development solutions – from design to finished part.


Inspekta Group is an engineering service partner creating exceptional value for its customers through a modern and professional approach towards collaboration, partnership and top quality services.

Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK)

The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK) is a major association in Lithuania which represents the interests of large industrialists and employers. The Confederation in an umbrella organization uniting 51 branch and 5 regional associations which comprise over 3000 medium and large enterprises from various public and private sectors.


3D Bonum are professional 3D printing and 3D scanning solutions experts in Baltic states.


Ordoline – dental grave manufacturer and supplier.

Precizika Metrology

Precizika Metrology has a long history of old traditions in the leadership of design and production of metrological equipment – rotary, angle, linear encoders and optical encoder gratings. The Lithuanian company has been in the industry since 1961 and with this heritage comes both pride and great responsibility to continuously move forward, improve and evolve in order to satisfy the ever-changing industry needs. A huge part of time spent in the industry was dedicated to working with top-of-the-line original equipment manufacturing (OEM) companies, listening to their feedback and providing innovative solutions to a variety of diverse challenges.


Primary field of activity – robotics and mechatronics solutions for industrial enterprises.

Public Institution Vilnius Jeruzale Labour Market Training Center

PUBLIC INSTITUTION VILNIUS JERUZALE LABOUR MARKET TRAINING CENTRE is an establishment that provides vocational training for adults, operates in the fields of construction, metal, energy and transport technology.


We are experts in applied molecular spectroscopy (UV-Vis-NIR-MIR) and Machine Vision providing Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solutions for on-line/in-line/at-line analysis and monitoring of industrial processes (product streams).

Research and development of new analytical instrumentation and solutions along with multivariate calibration is an integral part of our business.

Continuous innovation is one of the main pillars of the company.