Digital Tchnology Cluster

The Digital Technology Cluster was established in the beginning of 2017 in an effort to unite businesses working in the development of new learning methods, cyber security training, Internet services, telecommunications, new learning technologies and IT solution development, information technology, scientific research, and innovative software solutions in financial, process automation, IT security, virtual or augmented reality and other fields, as well as in other related sectors. The goal is to develop joint products in the Republic of Lithuania and abroad, and increase the competitiveness, visibility, efficiency and availability of these companies.

The five companies operating in the cluster work in the creation of new learning technologies, cyber security, the creation of new software, innovative printing technologies, the development of new IT infrastructure maintenance methods, the creation of new virtual reality products, and related fields.

The cluster companies develop specialised software and hardware solutions. The latest technology and solutions, which previously were often limited to the prototype phase, are applied. Typical examples of such solutions might be:

  • Meeting management software that enables managers not only to identify the obligations undertaken during the meeting, but also to control their execution in an automated manner and conduct an analysis of both the individual meeting and the statistical information in real time from any place in the world using integrated secure login.
  • Consolidated account management software that allows enterprise groups to control financial flows between companies, analyse trends, identify problems in real time and automate their elimination, and take preventive measures from anywhere in the world using integrated secure login.
  • A VPN solution based on the Linux operating system which allows secure connections to any infrastructure, thus making it possible to virtualise dispersed infrastructures into a single whole (which is important when there are a lot of branches or remote users).
  • An electronic service designer with the ability to create any kind of electronic service for an institution and present it externally (including documentation, descriptions and payment automation) over the course of a few minutes from anywhere in the world using integrated secure login and the E-Government Gateway.
  • Virtual and augmented reality solutions that make it possible to prepare high-risk professionals (e.g. alpinists, welders, drivers) interactively.
  • The transfer of local services (software) to cloud computing and opportunities for service providers and recipients to login from anywhere in the world with an integrated secure connection.
  • An automated risk management system that supports extensions, automatically collects data in real time, and provides reports and analytical information as needed. An annual risk report can be generated in real time, according to current and statistical data from anywhere in the world using integrated secure login.
  • An automated duty system with integration into the State Tax Inspectorate or any other database that is available in real time from anywhere in the world using integrated secure login.

Our motto is ‘The Software of the Future Today’.


Digital Technology Cluster

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