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The Cluster carries on one of the smart areas of specialization – New Materials, Processes and Technology Production.

The Cluster brings together IT software and devices developers, the platforms of digital marketing projects, VR and augmented reality, the companies specializing in creating 3D graphics and design, the developers of consumer analysis devices, mobile phone applications and database developers, interactive stands and info terminal software makers, hologram designers, software developers and integrators of the new generation devices (Microsoft  Hololans), IT scientists and researchers working in Kaunas University of Technology and Vytautas Magnus University.

The aim of the Cluster – the development of large-scale innovative marketing products that require high competence and value-added projects. The main goal is to promote the export of services and the improvement of student skills by bringing together businesses enterprises, cluster companies and university researchers.

Cluster Activity – special solutions of digital marketing and product creation to meet the customer needs.

Cluster coordinator – Kaunas Science and Technology Park.

Benefits of the Cluster – clusters are different from other forms of cooperation, as members share common economic interests while participating in the development of product (or service). Researchers and modern business IT laboratories located in KTU Santaka Valley are involved in the implementation of these processes.

It is a collaboration between companies and science institutions, combining competence and coordination of activities to produce unique products and sell them to large customers. Also the aim is attracting as much technology as possible, skilled workers, investment in R&D, large-scale customers and making use of EU funding sources.

Cluster is engaged in R&D activities.

Kaunas Science and technology park has a specialized laboratory for research on IT marketing projects, brands, web portals and mobile applications. It uses eye-tracking equipment that allows establishing what locations human gaze is pointed at, as well as eye-tracking technology.

Cluster development level – developing.

Cluster members are the companies that have been working in their field for more than 6 years, they also have an experience in working with Lithuanian and foreign clients.


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