Žemaitija Tourism Cluster

Žemaitijos cluster – is a modern network of companies and organizations , covering practically all the Plunge (Gandinga) and Platelių edge tourist areas: the rivers and lakes of water sports and entertainment , biking and hiking trails , major entertainment centers , the most famous cultural and historic sites , accommodation in modern tourism farms , high-quality power supply , route planning and organization . Combine your forces – your study trip here we can organize your preferred form – kayaking , canoeing , yachting , boats , bikes, on foot ; rivers, streams , lakes, lakes , hiking and biking trails ; fishing , diving or just enjoying an impressive and ever-changing scenery, natural and man-made . And the night will take you to the full, and feed the – here, in a cozy shelter of nature -based tourism farms, and be sure to be offered to taste traditional Samogitian dug who challenge the pay of all other people in the world.


Association "Žemaitijos turizmo klasteris“

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8 615 41804


E.A. Klimų kaimo turizmo sodyba „Iešnalė“

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Militos Valčiukienės UAB „Žemsodis“

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8 620 26033; 868239500

Plungės r. viešoji biblioteka

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8 698 11994

R.J. Dailidonio lkaimo turizmo sodyba “Beržoro sodyba”

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8 688 31715

S. Granausko įm. „Mortos kalns“

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8 610 40905

UAB “Oktopusas“

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8 46 381850

UAB „Tingis“

UAB „VVARFF“, „Porto“ pramogų centras

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8 611 50200

VšĮ VJC „Džiaugsmo slėnis“

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8 698 23726

Žemaičių dailės muziejus

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ŽŪK „Tėviškės žolynai“

8 605 71481