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Smart Construction and Real Estate Cluster

The global property and construction industry is undergoing a deep and fundamental shift related to the arrival of smart technologies in everyday lives. Growing knowledge economy and changing EU requirements for green and technology standards lead to industry and businesses requirements of a different kind. Attuning efficient performance, the main driver of maximised productivity, to innovativeness at a global scale becomes a prerequisite. In view of the fact that businesses from the most advanced countries around the world are busy adopting the latest smart technologies in the property and construction industry and these smart technologies will very soon become part of everyday lives, individual organisations are looking for ways to apply such technologies in practice. A possible way is clustering. Back in February 2015, a group of smart-tech companies (Getweb UAB, MD Projects UAB, Simplit UAB) and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University joined their forces in the Smart Property and Construction Cluster (SNITeK). The companies, experienced collaborators, brought their partnership to a higher level and are seeking better performance together. As a member of the cluster, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (currently involved in four Horizon 2020 projects) ensures successful use of research in the development of technologies and in their practical application.


To make SNITeK more competitive internationally by promoting the collaboration among its members and the generation of higher added value across all links of the value creation chain, while also making sure the property and construction industry makes the most of its R&D potential.


The largest smart property and construction industry alliance in Eastern Europe.


  • To make SNITeK the leader of smart technology use in Eastern Europe.
  • To improve export performance with the help of smart technology and digital electronic public procurement.
  • To drive research, development and progress in the property and construction industry.
  • To build green and smart property and construction industry.




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