March 18 d., 2020

The new Lithuanian cluster will create social innovations

Founders of the cluster

Six socially responsible organizations and companies pooled their competences, knowledge, connections and established the first Social Innovation Cluster in Lithuania on January 30.

A cluster consists of public institutions Ramintoja and Communion and Social Innovation Center, University of Applied Social Sciences, Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park, Academy Infinitas and Adizes Institute. Members cooperate in the principles of mutual trust and respect.

According to cluster manager Vilma Popoviene, social innovations mean introducing new or substantially improved, efficient and sustainable human-centered solutions, technologies, processes, services or products into the marketplace.

Human orientation

Virginijus Kundroth, a consultant at the Adizes Institute led the first cluster strategic session, where the vision, mission and core values of the cluster were outlined.

The main objective of the Social Innovation Cluster is to bring its professional knowledge, skills and competences, business relationships, reputation, experience, and other assets together in order to offer innovative social education and solutions for societal challenges and problems.

The most relevant objects to the clusters work are reducing social exclusion, fostering a culture of collaboration, civic and social responsibility, implementation of innovative education,
development of preventive methods and technologies.

Cluster plans include a number of innovative activities

The cluster engages a number of innovative activities through which cluster aims to strengthen the culture of communication between social groups and institutions with different interests. Cluster is open to new members and various approaches promoting social integration and human-oriented innovation.

The upcoming cluster plans include:

  • meetings and a hackathon to prevent human trafficking;
  • school leaders conference about contemporary management concepts for change management;
  • creation and development of a laboratory for professional volunteering promotion;
  • virtual reality escape room for education and prevention of traffic safety;
  • the platform of the Yard of Nations dedicated to reducing the social exclusion of migrants.

InoLink invites to join the vibrant cluster community

“Bringing together socially responsible members opens up opportunities for their long-term collaboration and innovation through the implementation of social ideas. The Lithuanian Social Innovation Cluster has already signed an agreement with MITA (Agency for Science, Innovation, and Technology) to participate in the activities of the InoLink project. We are pleased to assist in establishing, developing and managing clusters for the quality of cluster activities” says Inolink project manager Jolita Razumiene.

InoLink is a project of the EU tool Inogeb LT, which is implemented by (MITA) Agency of Science, Innovation, and Technology in cooperation with the Lithuanian Innovation Center. The project aims to promote cluster merger, increase cluster maturity, growth and international cooperation. The project activities are funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Cluster coordinators who have not signed up to the InoLink project yet are invited by March 31st to complete the questionnaire and join the cluster community, which is successfully using unique project opportunities: targeted expert advice on cluster development, partner search services, cluster maturity sessions, and other project activities.

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