2021 September 14 d.

ECCP capacity-building webinar on cluster internationalisation

Organizer: ECCP

Location: Online

As vaccines are rolled out and cross-border traffic increases again, there are growing opportunities for European businesses in new markets. In this context, internationalisation does not only mean going back to the old normal before the Covid-19 pandemic, but also grasping new business opportunities.

On Tuesday 14 September at 10:30am CEST, we are organising a capacity-building webinar on cluster internationalisation and how it can help businesses, especially SMEs, to improve their competitiveness and maximise their presence in global value chains.

This webinar will present examples where clusters have acted as key facilitators in getting their members abroad, and it will show how cluster organisations can get support for their internationalisation activities.

At the end of the webinar participants will have:

  • A better understanding of how to develop a more strategic approach to internationalisation.
  • Insights on how clusters are key facilitators to boosting the internationalisation of SMEs.
  • Inspiration to foster cross-sectorial cluster collaboration across borders.
  • An overview of how the EU can support internationalisation through clusters.

This webinar is designed for cluster managers and cluster staff involved in the international services offered by their clusters from COSME participating countries.

Further updates will be announced here. Stay tuned!