Pamario Tourism Cluster


Pamario Tourism Cluster is the association, unites 20 tourism service companies, institutions and entrepreneurs in Klaipėda and Šilutė districts, Neringa. Pamario tourism cluster invites you to the unique tourist and recreational fishermen land of Lithuania, having developed high-quality recreational and water activities. Here you  can enjoy not only a romantic  recreation,  rich historical and cultural heritage, recreational boating, the opportunity to catch fish,  tast  fish dishes, but also extreme experiences of kitesurfing, sailing and participating  in educational programmes, cultural events.

Offer  for exclusive  pry – culinary cruise “Fish Trail”. It is an exceptional culinary water  tourism route in Pamarys region, cruising  King Wilhelm Canal, rivers Minija, Dreverna, Nemunas Delta, the Curonian Lagoon. During the cruise is possible to admire the Pamarys nature, to visit region places of interest and most importantly – taste the fish dishes of culinary heritage. Cruising is unique in that all four waters are cruising of  four types of boats, traveling in transit from one to another. There is a possibility to choose different lenghts, duration roates. “Fish Trail” tour can last from 4 hours up to a few days – everything will depend on the tourist wishes and possibilities.

Free, delicious, unique – Fish Trail!



Association "Pamario Tourism Cluster"

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“Fisherman’s Paradise” (lith. “Žvejo rojus”)

Fish shop: smoked and fresh fish. Tour introducing you to fish farming in closed systems. Recreational sailing in the Curonian Lagoon. Boats 20-seater “Dreverna”. Organization of recreational fishing.

“Kintai” tourist complex “Blue carp”

Accommodation in guest house “Fishermen’s pub” (20 beds). The hotel on the water “Pelican” (25 beds). Fish restaurant “Blue carp” (30 places), outdoor terrace up to 100 persons. Organization of festivals and conferences (up to 80 places). Recreational fishing and bird watching at fishery ponds. Rental of “Express of the Curonian Delta” (lith. “Kuršių deltos ekspresas”) (60 – 90 seats). Educational – recreational trips on the Nemunas Delta waterways.

“MEMEL Wine” winery

Winery. Shop. Tasting and banquet hall.


“Recreation of Mingė”

Excursions around the most famous and beautiful places of Pamarys by the boat that participated in the National Expedition (up to 8 persons). Trips to Nida. Water activities (water skis, wakeboards). Bird and nature watching and photographing with professional ornithologists and guides. Accommodation services in Minija village (25 places), Ventė village (7-12 places). Educational programs of cognition of Prussian Lithuanians’ region.

“Wind zone” (lith. “Vėjo zona”)

Kiteboarding, sailboarding and wakeboarding school, equipment rental. Summer camps in Dreverna and Svencelė for children, adults and families. Organization of active leisure: sports games, strength and endurance exercises, stand-up paddle boards. Yoga – Body Design. Wakeboarding park in Dreverna.

„Šilutė water tourism centre“

Small boat harbor of Šilutė (100 places). Ferry “Express of the Curonian Delta” (lith. “Kuršių deltos ekspresas”) route “Šilutė – Nida – Šilutė”. Rental of sailing boats, yachts, speed boats, ships. Rental of kayaks and pedal boats. Harbor services.


Trade in fish, smoked with alder wood. Commercial and recreational fishing. Organization of ice fishing. Recreational trips by boat “Daina” (12 seats), speed boat (12 seats).

Branch of Klaipėda district Tourism Information Centre J. Gižas Ethnographic homestead

Educational program “Fish Road”. An ancient Curonian boat “Dreverna” with an educational program. NEW activity “Weather vanes of Dreverna – painting the magnet”. NEW activities under the Cultural Passport program (for students). Camping services at the shipwright J. Gižas ethnographical farmstead.

Branch of the Gargždai Land Museum J. Gižas ethnographic homestead

It is the only shipwright‘s farmstead left in Lithuania where the culture, history and fishing traditions of the Pamarys region are presented. Educational activities are organized.

Countryside farmstead “Strykis”

Restaurant “King Wilhelm Pier”. Accommodation in the farmstead (up to 100 beds). Outdoor banquet hall (150 seats). Sauna (40 seats) and a heated swimming pool. Outside catering, banquets.

Countryside farmstead “Vila Minė”

Accommodation, catering, mini Spa. Boat excursions on the Nemunas Delta, Curonian Lagoon. Boat “Aisytė” – 50 places (bar, catering, guide). NEW boat “Minė” – 24 places (educational trips around the Nemunas Delta, King Wilhelm Canal and the Curonian Lagoon). Spead boat “Luknelė” 8 seats (excursions, fishing).

Folklore ensemble of Dreverna “ŽVEJYTĖS”

Local folklore programme of Pamarys called “I Will Become a Fisherman” (lith. “Į žvejus eisiu”). Organizes traditional annual fishermen festival in Dreverna called “On the edge of the Lagoon” (lith. “Ant marių kraštelio”) and Lygės autumn festival.

Kaimo turizmo sodyba “Rusne Villa”

On the bank of scenic Pakalnė River on Rusnė island. Elegant and stylish rooms (85 places). Two banquet halls (the small one – up to 30 places, the big one – up to 110 places). Exceptional cuisine with a professional kitchen chef. Organization of various celebrations and conferences.

Nida Culture and Tourism Information Center “Agila”

Provision of tourism information. Tours around Nida with an audio guide. Organization of educational programs, conferences, events. Tour organization in Neringa.

Recreational and leisure centre “Ventainė”

Passenger ferry: Ventainė-Nida-Ventainė (according to the schedule during the summer season). Accommodation up to 150 places. 4 Star Hotel, countryside farmstead, 3 Star camping site. Pier services: 25 places, a slip, a crane, electricity, water, sewerage, WC, showers. Conference Halls. Restaurant (“šišioniškiai waffles”, fish dishes). Hiking, kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding. Bird watching (professional guides). Trips by boat (50 places) and by speedboats. Recreational fishing with a guide.

Sailing yacht “Vitalija”, recreational boat “Raivita”

Recreational sailing in the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea by a 6-seater sailing yacht “Vitalija”. Tours by the 12-seater recreational boat “Raivita”.

Šilutė tourism information centre

Recreational – educational excursion “Catches of Pamarys fishermen” (lith. “Pamario žuvėjų giliukiai”). Organization of excursions and educational programs. Organization of recreational boat trips around the Nemunas Delta. Ceramics education, pottery.

Small boat harbot in Dreverna

Boat harbor. Passenger ferry “Dreverna – Juodkrantė” (according to the schedule during the summer season). 4 Star camping site. Wooden recreation bungalows (8 places), RV parking lot. NEW SPA complex. Sports grounds complex, heated 21 m long outdoor pool. Restaurant (120 places) with an outdoor terrace by the river bank and a beach bar (during the summer season). Boat rental: “Gilija” (50 seats), “Pašvaistė” (15 seats). Speed boat rental: “Maxum” (7 seats) ir “Yamaha” (10 seats). Ballroom and conference room “Elingas” with a glass terrace (up to 100 people for the conferences, up to 50 people for banquets)

Smiltynė Yacht Club

Port (65 places). 3 Star Hotel PLIUS. Restaurant. Conference Hall “Captains’ Hall” (lith. “Kapitonų salė”) (84 seats). Conference Hall “Kilis” for various events, concerts, workshops.

Travel agency „Upaitė“

Travel arrangement in Lithuania. Holiday trips abroad. Organization of routes, water activities, boats, overnight stays, educations, catering. Rental of stand-up paddle boards.