Creative industries

Nebula Film & Visual Arts

Established in 2015, Nebula is leader in:
– Creation of authentic visual content for all platforms;
– Development of visual prototypes;
– Project development services for the audio-visual products.


We gather industry professionals all together we thrive on cross-boundary co-operations as well as providing best possible services and innovate our own authentic products.




Company is a studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania (54.678896, 25.277503 to be exact) that creates animation for commercials, shorts, TV series. Provides services for game cinematics, and anything else that is related to CG and VFX.


Company is an experienced equipment service provider for film, TV, advertising production. It offers a variety of lighting and grip equipment fleet. The company’s flexibility enables even the biggest projects to be implemented on time and in excellent quality.

Baltic Locations

Company is your guide to find a filming location not only in Lithuania, but also throughout the region.

Baltic Productions

Company is a film production house that offer production services and both initiates its own projects.

Digital Audio

Company is sound and acoustics studio. It develops and creates a variety of sound solutions from simple stereo systems to complex audio recording studios.

Film Jam

Company is a film production house that produces its own signature films. It has an experienced group of producers who makes a creative process like a light breeze.

Film Studio

Company is an independent film studio which provides a professional service for all kinds of production including television commercials, films, corporate films, TV series, music videos, short films, animation, green screen VFX elements, TV station promos. It also houses cluster equipment and is its physical location.

Gluk Media

Company is providing innovative solutions in all new medias. Their expertise lies in shooting and stitching 360 videos, developing VR solutions for industries, tourism and entertainment.

Heritage Communication

A company is focusing on actualizing both tangible and intangible heritage through the development of mainly AR solutions. However, it has expertise in all immersive solutions.

Iron Solutions

Company with the expertise in developing game art provides such services as concept art, 3D modelling, animation, infographics. The company also develops its own products including cases with augmented reality.


Company is a camera rental studio that not only offers a variety of cameras to rent, flexible and effective service, but also invests its know-how in the business into developing camera accessories itself.


Company is your digital marketing agency. It has expertise and focuses on graphic design works, website development and social media.


Company currently focusing on the immersive reality solutions and mainly on VR. Its cinematic and creative approach enables to be a front leader in this field. Their most recent work, a VR experience “Trail of Angels”, has received a global recognition.

Spectrum of Visual Solutions

Company is providing a digital imaging technician (DIT) services and Color grading in post production. Collaborating with the cinematographer on workflow, color grading, systemization, camera settings to achieve the highest image quality and creative goals of cinematography in the digital realm.

Strictly Baltic

Company providing commercial and music video production services in Lithuania and Baltic Region. Established in 2009 by a team of film professionals and based in the capital city of Vilnius the company provides services for clients from around the world. Their expertise lies in providing high quality service at the reasonable rates.


Company is a creative studio that focuses on the animation, augmented reality, CGI or 3D modelling projects.

Zubizu projects

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