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Lithuanian Clusters Association

Lithuanian Clusters Association unites horizontal and various business branches clusters, associated institutions and other organizations that meets the models of clustering activity and ideas of clustering.

The Association takes part in a develompent of clusters policy, represents its members in the Seimas (the Parliament) of the Republic of Lithuania, in relationship with Government, ministries, municipalities and other state authorities.

The Lithuanian Clusters Association takes initiative in the area of Lithuanian clustering development: on 31st of May 2017 the Letter of Intent On Collaboration in the Area of the Lithuanian Clustering was signed between the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Clusters Association, and on 16th of June the Minister of Economy Mindaugas Sinkevičius implemented one clause of his Letter of Intent by signing the order On Working Group’s Suggestions Concerning Formulation and Implementation of the Lithuanian Cluster Policy and Conclusion for Cluster Monitoring and Evaluation Ensuring Provision. 4 main members from the working group represents the Lithuanian Clusters Association.

The Association provides a relevant information about any kind of topics of clusters‘ activities to its members, brings members together to discuss strategic questions about a development of clusters and other important issues, provides common opinions and suggestions to state institutions and creates an invaluable exchange of experience and know-how among the members of the Association.

Lithuanian Clusters‘ Association is a competence center of clusters. In a co-operation and an exchange of knowledge it accumulated the unique experience in many areas: concept development of clustering, establishment and facilitation of clusters, trainings, foreign markets researches, applications for EU-funded projects, development and administration these projects and many more.

The Association shares its experience and provides an advice and suggestions to state authorities, public institutions. We also seek to educate and inform the Lithuanian business community, our current and potential partners about the values and posibilties in the spirit of clustering.

Lithuanian Clusters‘ Association on regular basis publishes clusters news and organizes the bigest cluster event – Cluster Forum to present news, opportunities, funding options and other actualities for national and international clusters communities.

The Lithuanian Clusters Association is recognized by The European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) and identified as a national cluster network.


Lithuanian Clusters Association

Lithuanian Clusters Association established in 2014.

Mission of the Association – strengthening the competitiveness of Lithuanian business by developing clusters.

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