FINTECH LITHUANIA – fintech enterprise cluster

FINTECH Lithuania represents major Lithuanian fintech ecosystem players. The organization gathers licensed fintech’s, developers of IT solutions, legal consultants and regulatory compliance experts, traditional banks, and other partners who are committed to the development and growth of fintech within Lithuania. FINTECH Lithuania has established quality partnerships with relevant government institutions, including Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Lithuania, various international organizations, and is engaged in a public dialogue with society as a whole.

The cluster consists of 43 members.

Cluster coordinator – Lithuanian ICT Association INFOBALT.



123c Consulting, MB

123c Consulting is an IT consultancy that provides comprehensive business advice and support with business process digitalization, and the integration of complex IT systems, including IoT and blockchain based technology. 123c’s approach to consulting combines a deep understanding of technology and practical business experience to deliver future-proof solutions.


Integrated legal services.

Agile Lietuva

Association of Agile project management evangelists.

Altacom, UAB

Local capital specialized distributor of cyber security, electronic identification (eID) and IT infrastructure management solutions active in the Baltic States and Finland. We have been creating added value for our partners and customers for 10 years.

Association of Financial Services Companies “Finco”

Association of Financial services providers aims contribute to the development of common market standards for the non-banking financial sector, promote responsible lending practices, ensure dialogue with public authorities.

Baltic Amadeus, UBA

We, Baltic Amadeus, are a reliable technology partner. Our goal is to simplify the complex digital world by creating valuable experiences for our clients, users and employees. With cutting-edge technologies, the latest delivery models and a 96% recommendation rate among clients we are a one-stop-shop provider of a full spectrum of IT services and strategic consulting.


Baltic Amber Solutions, UAB

People-focused banking for a digital world.

Bankera, UAB

Bank account alternative.

Cabital Fintech (LT), UAB

Cabital is a trusted digital financial institution to buy, sell and earn cryptocurrency. The company’s purpose is to empower people to earn passive income safely and securely with their cryptocurrencies. Our main product is Cabital Earn, a cryptocurrency wealth management platform that enables customers to earn high yields on their digital assets. Cabital is registered in Lithuania, supervised by FCIS and our compliance programme is modelled after leading global financial service providers.


AI-driven cloud optimization platform for Kubernetes. Instantly cut your cloud bill, prevent downtime, and 10X the power of DevOps.

CGI Lithuania, UAB

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. We are insights-driven and outcomes-based to help accelerate returns on your investments.

Cobalt Group, UAB

COBALT is one of the leading firms in the Baltic legal market, consisting of a closely integrated alliance of top-tier law firms in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Columbus Lietuva, UAB

We provide innovative RegTech solution for Fintech: CRISP, designed to lift financial institution reporting to regulator to the next level. We also provide ERP implementation and support.

Crayon Baltics

Crayon is a global Norwegian technology company with cloud, software, and digital transformation services, with over 1,600 employees in 45 countries. As a reliable advisor to clients, the company, which has recently expanded into the Baltics, helps optimize the return on investment in complex technologies, advises on licensing, cloud computing and general technology issues, offers various subscription services (such as Microsoft Azure) and organizes events and training for IT staff. She also has fairly large muscles in the area of ​​artificial intelligence (AI). Over the past 6 years, the company has implemented more than 100 IoT projects worldwide and established 5 IoT knowledge centers.

Creditonline, UAB

CreditOnline is state of the art Loan Management System provider. Befitting established lenders, loan granting scale ups and credit startups, CreditOnline provides a future-proof lending technology designed to boost client business capacity by creating seamless financing experiences globally.

Debitum Network

We develop alternative lending solutions for the new era financial industry.

Dokobit, UAB

e-Signing as an everyday service: Easily and securely sign legally binding documents in the European Union.

Edrana Baltic, UAB

Responsible and professional IT developers implementing unique technological solutions.

We will help you achieve the best results by making your organization’s processes more efficient and improving its competitiveness.


Award winning financial solutions company, which develops omni-channel digital banking platform, agile mindset driven loan origination (process automation) and powerful convenience retail solutions.

European Merchant Bank, UAB

European Merchant Bank, sees itself as as an important solution partner to Fintechs and SMEs, both locally and internationally. Our agile and experienced team uses the latest technology to provide our customers with a wide range of services. Being a next-generation bank, we provide Banking-as-a-Service offering, combined with Safeguarding, Business, Payment, Accumulative account types as well as payment options through SEPA, Swift, and Target2.

Financial services “Contis”, UAB

Next generation accounts, payment cards and apps for your customers.


FinCell is a PSD2-based white-label mobile banking app that your customers will love. It is a simple, affordable and fast time-to-market solution designed for financial institutions such as banks or credit unions that don’t want to develop their own mobile banking app from scratch.

Fitek Edi, UAB

We are offering system integrations for business and government sectors, as well as working with EU standards’ realisation while conducting EU funded R&D projects.

Fjord Bank, AB

Your digital finance partner.

Grant Thornton Baltic, UAB

Grant Thornton Baltic is one of the leading companies in the audit, accounting, tax and financial consulting. Using the knowledge of an international network and the experience of our advisory experts, @Grant Thornton Baltic – Lithuania helps dynamic, promising companies to adapt to market conditions and operate globally.

More information: https://www.grantthornton.lt/en/

Horion Digital, Solitera, UAB

Horion Digital’s mission is to help leading corporations and governments to be more successful. We specialise in creating large projects from the ground up. We can help in planning and developing your data strategy, tidy up and extract value from those datasets. We have in-depth experience working with Agribusiness, FinTech, and Marketing industries.

Hyarchis Baltic, UAB

For over 30 years, Hyarchis has been helping its clients manage their most important data. Paired with a high level of engagement with customers and partners, Hyarchis provides AI-powered software applications to clients in the financial services sector, helping them to streamline regulatory compliance and increase operational efficiency. Having started in Eindhoven in the ’80s as a small Dutch business we now serve satisfied customers in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Germany and Lithuania.

Identifikaciniai projektai, UAB, Idenfy

Identity verification service for remote user onboarding. Mitigate fraud with instant ID verification. Meet Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) requirements.

Informacinių technologijų organizacija, UAB, Ito

We are focusing on developing products that bring innovation and efficiency into various business activities.

Inventi, UAB

Inventi is an industry leading software development and products for Fintechs provider: SEPA/Regulatory connectors, AML and Fraud prevention solutions.

IPF Digital Lietuva, UAB, Credit24

Consumer loans.

KV Baltic, UAB

A company specializing in the development, design, and installation of high reliability and efficiency data centers. We work in the Lithuanian and Norwegian markets. Our team members have created and built the most efficient Lithuanian Data Center currently in operation. We successfully export our specialization knowledge to Norway.

Lakarta, UAB

Lakarta is a consultancy company which specializes in payments and payment cards. With our extensive knowledge of banks and payments processes, retailers, service providers and consumers, we facilitate the implementation of loyalty and payment card issuing projects.

Law firm Ellex Valiunas

Legal services.

Law firm SORAINEN ir partneriai

We are a fully integrated regional business law firm with offices throughout the region, in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus.

Lewben, UAB

Professional consultancy services with a one-stop-shop solution approach for Fintech companies.

Lithuanian Banking Association

Lithuanian Banking Association.

Madara Finance, UAB

Madara Invest is a London based fintech group which is revolutionizing investment banking industry and bringing it digitally to all the people in the world for good. The project is a socially and environmentally responsible one: 10% of the profit on holding level will go to charities for children every year in addition to targeting zero environmental footprint.

Mark ID, UAB

Identity verification and eSignature platform helping companies to increase sales remotely.

Master Class LT, UAB

In more than 10 years of business Master Class LT have cooperated with small, medium and large enterprises from a variety of sectors including sales, service industry, production, finance. This has allowed us to gain the trust of our business partners and become one of the top companies specializing in executive level recruitment. Year after year we successfully deliver executive recruitment projects in Lithuania as well as abroad.

Metasite Business Solutions, UAB, Metasite

Bespoke technology engineering for financial institutions and fintechs.

Motieka ir Audzevičius, lawyer Union

Team of internationally recognized lawyers and experts provides bold and customized solutions to the most complex legal issues in the global context.

NFQ Technologies, UAB, NFQ

18 years of software engineering and digital innovation for technology-backed business success. Our project-based or dedicated teams develop anything – from legacy banking system improvements to fintech industry tools for powering global lending marketplaces and connecting borrowers and investors online.


Ondato, UAB

Compliance management platform from ID verification to data validation and monitoring.

Oracle East Central Europe Limited, Filialas

Our mission is to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities.

PayRay, Uab

We provide fast and flexible working capital financing solutions. Our offering is based on speed, reliability and competitive pricing.


Pedagogas.lt is the largest distance learning platform in Lithuania, designed to improve teachers’ qualifications.


At Primend we are committed to creating solutions for people to help them make their companies and communities better. We achieve this by cooperating honestly, constantly learning and developing ourselves.

Probanx Solutions, UAB, Baltic Banking Service

Core-banking & SEPA/SWIFT payments solutions for licensed financial service providers.


Cryptocurrency exchange with asset tokenisation platform, SaaS solutions included.

Sign on Tab, UAB

The Sign On Tab is a solution that helps telecom, leasing, hospitality, healthcare, and leisure companies solve problems that come from managing documents each day.

Our clients:
● Telecommunications
● Financial institutions
● Hotels
● Car dealers and rentals
● Leisure and sports service centers
● Veterinary clinics

It’s time to take your business efficiency and sustainability to the next level with this innovative, all-in-one document signing solution!

SME Finance, UAB

SME Finance is the biggest provider of non-banking business financing in the Baltic region. Since its establishment in 2016, the Company financed invoices worth 402 mln. EUR.


Blockchain Wallet and Crypto exchange.

TGS Baltic

We are a top-ranked Baltic-wide law firm with a business mindset.

Tieto Lietuva, UAB

A leading IT services and software company.

Velmie (Rolinus, UAB)

Velmie (doing business as UAB Rolinus) is a financial technology solutions provider for established banks and FinTech firms.

Verified Payments, UAB

Verified Payments is a global provider of Banking as a Service (BaaS) and embedded financial services.

Embedded financial services enable many sectors beyond banking to retain customers, automate payments, and secure an additional stream of revenue.

WALLESS Burgienė, Rečiūnas ir partneriai, lawyer Union

Legal services.

Wint law firm, lawyer Union

WINT is a new generation law firm in Lithuania, bringing together experienced lawyers in the fields of corporate, public procurement, taxation, business disputes and technology, and IP law.

Professionals working in the field of WINT technology and intellectual property practice have more than 20 years of experience, are recognized experts in their field by international law directories and rating agencies, and have developed a wide network of partners around the world to address complex international issues.

Andrius Iškauskas, a lawyer in charge of technology and intellectual property practice, has excellent knowledge not only of law but also of the technology industry. This allows technology professionals to speak one language.


W1TTY is bringing smart finance for every1. Supporting the modern demands of customers, W1TTY is a clever mobile partner that provides a full suite of attractive finance products & services that nurture healthy financial lifestyles for its individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners.