April 15 d., 2021

Trans Group LT, JSC

JSC „Trans Group LT“ was established in 1993 in Kaunas and is one of the largest Lithuanian cargo transportation companies.

We transport cargo with refrigerators, tent and isothermal semi-trailers and tanks throughout Western and Eastern Europe. The company has a truck wash. The company currently has one subsidiary that provides passenger services on domestic and international routes. The car fleet consists of trucks and semi-trailers manufactured in the European Union and meeting the requirements of Euro-3, Euro-4 and Euro -5 certificates. The company renews its car fleet every year (currently it consists of  cargo trucks made in 2001-2012), so we transport cargo safely, quickly and reliably. Almost thirty years of cargo transportation business has given us a lot of experience, so we can transport cargo quickly and efficiently. Our company employs competent and experienced transport specialists. We are full members of the national cargo carriers association Linava.

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