2018 March 29 d.

Effective Cluster: Structure, Team, Funding, Facilitation

Organizator: InoLink, MITA

Location: Vilnius

Currently one of the major areas of interest for Lithuanian clusters is how to optimize and make their activities more effective.  That is why an expert on the topic dr. Gerd Meier zu Köcker was invited from Germany to share his knowledge in Vilnius.
During the event dr. Meier will talk about the structure and management of a cluster, team formation, funding options and high profile HR management practices. In addition he will give an overview about useful motivation strategies and effective facilitation elements for clusters.

This event is organized for the participating clusters in the framework of InoLink project (Promotion and Development of Innovation Networking). InoLink is coordinated by the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) and funded by the European Fund for Regional Development. Its aim is to encourage companies to merge into clusters, to increase cluster maturity, to promote their growth and international collaboration.