January 10 d., 2018

Funding Confirmed for 4 New Clusters’ Projects

Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) informs that 4 new Lithuanian clusters’ projects were granted funding after submitting proposals to the 5th “Innovation Express” call. Projects will be implemented together with partners from the Baltic sea region.

Uzupis Creative Cluster will be collaborating with Norwegian partners. Lithuanian Printing Association and SMART FOOD cluster are going to work on project with Swedish counterparts, Klaipeda Science and Technology Park will implement their project with Danish, Lithuanian Automotive Export Association (LauGea) will partner with Latvians.

New projects

  • Brindging Nordics/Baltics/USA (Uzupis Creative Cluster and Norwegian IKT Telemark)
  • Food and packaging clusters collaboration through innovation development (Lithuanian Printing Association, SMART FOOD cluster and Skane Food Innovation Network, Paper Province Cluster, Latvian Food Products Quality Cluster)
  • Match LNG (Klaipeda Science and Technology park, Danish Transport Innovation Network, Sea Development Center)
  • New Experiences and Unique Solutions for Automotive Aftermarket (Lithuanian Automotive Export Association (LauGea), Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association)

„Innovation Express“ is a program, dedicated to promote business internationalization via clusterization and networking. It helps to make international contacts, develop partnerships and together find opportunities to participate in other international R&D programs. „Innovation Express“ projects usually are not large in their scope and usually are meant to facilitate collaboration between clusters and networks in order to share knowledge, initiate new innovative projects.

MITA invites project implementors to submit their proposals for 2018. The deadline for proposals is January 26th, 15:00. These projects are funded by Ministry of Economy and Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania.

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