May 25 d., 2018

New partnership formed during Baltic Cluster Forum

May 16th, 2018. During the Baltic Cluster Forum 2018 in the frame of the project InoLink there was strategic meeting launched by Eastern Europe Food Cluster Network between its Lithuanian and Ukrainian members represented by Smart Food Cluster (Mr. Giedrius Bagusinskas) and Ukrainian Food Valley (Ms. Mariia Makhnovets). This meeting was one of the 100 individual meetings set up during the matchmaking session in Baltic Cluster Forum.
Thanks to cooperation of EEN Lithuania and EEN Ukraine, this day their strategic discussion has joined another one Ukrainian organisation- AgrofoodCluster Kharkiv( represented by Ms. Galyna Logosha).
During the meeting among cluster representatives there were new ideas of agrifood clusters’ cooperation discussed in order to expand the created healthy and functional foods platform (clusters network) in Eastern Europe by joining new members for common interests and made a pre-agreement to cooperate with each other in the development and implementation of activities in creating a healthy, safe, clean and functional food and beverage, to promote relations and activities of the so called Food Forum Initiative.
Clusters have pre-agreed:
1. to ensure participation in the Partners meetings, conferences, seminars, courses and other events in cooperation theme;
2. to carry out other joint projects with the Partners related to the development of activities in the field of a healthy, safe, clean and functional food.
3. to promote International Food Forum Initiative in order to attract more members for common interests, to spread and exchange relevant information on Forum activities in various formats in events, meetings other gatherings.
The leading part from Ukraine on communication with new Ukrainian clusters willing to join such initiative will be taken by Public Union “Ukrainian Food Valley”.

June 21 d., 2018

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April 25 d., 2018

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