Pamario Tourism Cluster

Pamario Tourism Cluster is the association, unites 20 tourism service companies, institutions and entrepreneurs in Klaipėda and Šilutė districts. Pamario tourism cluster invites you to the unique tourist and recreational fishermen land of Lithuania, having developed high-quality recreational and water activities. Here you  can enjoy not only a romantic  recreation,  rich historical and cultural heritage, recreational boating, the opportunity to catch fish,  tast  fish dishes, but also extreme experiences of kitesurfing, sailing and participating  in educational programmes, cultural events.

Offer  for exclusive  pry – culinary cruise “Fish Trail“. It is an exceptional culinary water  tourism route in Pamarys region, cruising King Wilhelm Canal, rivers Minija, Nemunas Delta, the Curonian Lagoon. During the cruise is possible to admire the Pamarys nature, to visit region places of interest and most importantly – taste the fish dishes of culinary heritage. Cruising is unique in that all four waters are cruising of  four types of boats, traveling in transit from one to another. There is a possibility to choose different lenghts, duration roates. “Fish Trail“ tour can last from 4 hours up to a few days – everything will depend on the tourist wishes and possibilities. Free, delicious, unique – Fish Trail!


Association "Pamario Tourism Cluster"

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Beatričės Laužikienės įmonės poilsio ir laisvalaikio centras „Ventainė“

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8 441 68525

Branch of the Gargždai Regional Museum of the JV J.Gizas ethnographic homestead

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8 648 23198

Burinė jachta “Vitalija” pramoginis laivas

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Drevernos folkloro ansamblis “Žvejytės”

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Drevernos mažųjų laivų uostas

Kaimo turizmo sodyba “Rusne Villa”

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8 652 97333

Kooperacinė bendrovė “Žvejo rojus”

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Marine service Lithuania

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Mingės poilsis

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Rural tourism homestead „Strykis“

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8 699 40747

Tourism Information Centre of Klaipeda region

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8 620 81901

UAB „Kintai“

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8 441 47339

UAB „Nemuno viešbutis“

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8 620 40852

UAB „Šilutės vandens turizmo centras“

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8 640 56841

UAB „Simlina“

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UAB „Smiltalė“

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8 698 89081

VŠĮ “Šilutės turizmo informacijos centras”

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8 656 84886

VŠĮ „Vėjo zona“

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8 659 95829