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Lithuanian Plastics Cluster

Established in January 2015, Lithuanian plastic cluster corresponds to more than 20 % of the Lithuanian Plastics Industry and currently includes 14 Lithuanian companies. Lithuanian Plastic Cluster has developed clear mission which is to facilitate informal networking among partners and in use of the different levels of expertise to identify opportunities, to increase competitiveness, the return on investment and to inspire and support partners in their leadership in innovation and market. The most important benefits of Lithuanian Plastic Cluster are the following: extensive experience working with business in Western Europe and Russia, flexible business relations, skilled workforce, median wage significantly lower than the EU average, different competence of companies in value chain and available engineering skills and expertise plus R&D potential. All of these benefits lead to successful development and achievement of goals.

Lithuanian Plastic Cluster has extensive value chain, including injection molding, extrusion, blowing, design, machining, tooling, prototyping, thermoforming and subcontracting. It exports to 66 % of European countries and to Russia as well. Moreover, Lithuanian Plastic Cluster constantly seeks to new possibilities to expand in foreign markets.



Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

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Siauliai State College

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Siauliai Vocational Training Centre

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Šiaulių pramonininkų asociacija

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UAB “Meteltera”

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UAB “Putokšnis”

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