January 30 d., 2019


Transport services, freight transportation.

Starting in 2005, JSC „VIVATRANS“ is now able to offer international transportation and logistical solutions to customers throughout Europe and the East, transportation by special purpose vehicles, small cargo transportation, consolidation and storage.

Transport company JSC „VIVATRANS“ has international reputation in transportation market as a stable company with growing car park, which now consists of 92m2 tents, road-trains 118 m2, vehicles for the transport of bulk products and warehouse 30000m2.
Each car has a tracking GPS system that allows you to control and see the location of the truck in real time.
High-skilled workers with experience and knowledge of international transportations, can ensure timely delivery, quality, flexibility and contractual obligations to our partners.

October 02 d., 2020

Excellent start for the new Baltic Sea Region Cluster Manager Education program

The new international Cluster Manager Education program started in early September with 24 participants from 8 the Baltic Sea Region…

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September 18 d., 2020

Lithuanian cluster survey revealed changing directions of cluster activities

August 2020 the InoLink project together with Lithuanian Cluster Network organized a cluster survey that revealed changing directions of Lithuanian…

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September 09 d., 2020

Cluster Infoday: discussed the new directions of cluster transformation

This week, Lithuanian cluster community gathered for the information event Cluster Infoday. More than 40 representatives of Lithuanian clusters, teams…

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August 10 d., 2020

Cluster TOOLAS: promising potential market and collaboration opportunities with Taiwan

Last month representatives of Taiwan have met with laser micromachining cluster TOOLAS. Taiwan is famous for its electronics, optoelectronics and semiconductors…

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