2017 August 23 d.

Meeting of the Cluster Forum

Organizator: Lithuanian Clusters Association, MITA, LIC

Location: Business centre „Business Hive Vilnius“, Savanorių pr. 178F, Vilnius

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2017 September 03 d.

DLD Innovation Festival 2017

Organizator: Oscar4b

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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2017 September 21 d.

5th Cluster Matchmaking Conference

Organizator: BSR Stars

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

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July 18 d., 2017

7 clusters from Lithuania will participate in the international cluster conference in Germany

The Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) published the results of selected candidates that will get reimbursements for participation in the 5th Cluster Matchmaking Conference. Clusters granted the funding are:

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July 18 d., 2017

Two more certified clusters in Lithuania

After evaluation, successful clusters can be rewarded with “Gold”, “Silver” or „Bronze Label“. Evaluation process and criteria are strict. Clusters that do not carry a range of activities, do not have permanent staff or sufficient budget might be called a cluster initiative and in this case no certificate is issued.

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June 06 d., 2017

Clusters shared what knowledge is still lacking

On June 5th a meeting with clusters’ coordinators took place in the Agency of Science, Innovation & Technology (MITA) which was part of the InoLink (Promotion & Development of Innovation Networking) project activities. The goal of this session was to discuss and define exact areas where Lithuanian business clusters still lack competences.

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April 13 d., 2017

The Search for Partners for the Nordic Life Science Days

The Ministry of Economy and the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology invite life sciences companies, clusters and enterprise networks to submit an application for the search for partners at the “Nordic Life Science Days” event that will take place in Malmo, Sweden, from the 12th to the 14th of September, 2017.

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Success stories

Success story: experimental project of the STC cluster opens doors to new markets and clients

The Smart Technology Cluster (SCT) formed six years ago serves as proof that clustering offers tangible added value. Evaldas Paliliūnas, the Head of Sales of the member company Aedilis, spoke about how the joint project implemented by the cluster has not only saved the hospital’s funds, but also inspired for new profitable business ideas.

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Dr. Juras Ulbikas, asm. archyvo nuotr.

R&D as success formula of the Photovoltaic Technology Cluster

A number of factors have influence on the success of cluster’s operation, however motivation to maintain cooperation, a talented and pro-active team and focus for research will guarantee a desired result. The fact that clusters are an excellent medium for creation of innovations may be proven and demonstrated in practice by the members of the Photovoltaic Technology Cluster established in 2008.

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