e-Lithuania is a Lithuanian IT company cluster that aims to spread the word of Lithuania‘s ICT sector potential, grow the competitiveness of the cluster members and offer eGovernment as well as eBusiness solutions to the Lithuanian and international companies.

e-Lithuania cluster‘s vision is to become a reliable and recognized IT company alliance, a partner, which creates innovative and comptetitive eGovernment and eBusiness solutions that build added value.

The cluster is comprised of 9 members: Agmis, Algoritmų sistemos, Alna, Asseco, Blue Bridge Code, Etronika, NRD, Iamus and Smartivus. Alongside cluster members stands Lithuania‘s ICT association INFOBALT.




“agmis“ is a company of innovative solutions. We build custom software solutions for our customers worldwide. “agmis” was founded in 2007 by the executive team of one of the Baltics largest IT companies. Our vision is to become a leading software provider through creating the most innovative and professional IT solutions. “agmis“ is the company where both the customer and the employee makes a difference.

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Algoritmų sistemos

“Algoritmu Sistemos“ helps governmental organizations transform into digital organizations via consulting and development of efficient enterprise information systems with a focus to: national and regional tax administration, improving the tax collection, e-health and national health insurance, election management, national and regional waste management, and voice-controlled information systems. “Algoritmu Sistemos” is controlled by INVL Technology – Nasdaq Vilnius listed closed-end investment in IT businesses company. INVL Technology managed companies operate as a cluster and implement joint projects in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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Alna Group provides professional solutions that cover all IT-related functions, including the formation of IT infrastructure, the selection of optimal software, the provision of professional business-management solutions and the maintenance of IT infrastructure. Today, more than 500 organisations rely on our solutions, and not only in Lithuania. We believe that our innovative and reliable IT products can make businesses and countries become more competitive and effective, as well as improve public welfare.

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Asseco Lithuania

Asseco Lithuania is a software development company and a leading system integrator in Lithuania belonging to Asseco Group. Main business fields of Asseco Lithuania are information systems and software development, specialized software solutions for automation of company‘s business processes. Asseco Lithuania has a deep expertise in the following sectors and areas: document and content management, library, museum and archives process automation, insurance business management, dedicated solutions for the public sector.

The company is in software development business for more than 25 years. It‘s Quality Management System conforms to ISO 9001:2008 requirements and Information security management system meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.

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Blue Bridge Code

Blue Bridge Code is one of the leading Microsoft .NET software development companies in Lithuania. Custom software development at Blue Bridge Code is about delivering exceptional results that drive the value of your business. Our software engineers are experts that work with you in every step of the process as a dedicated product team to solve your most complex problems. Our collaborative approach across organizations fosters creative thinking that delivers results.

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ETRONIKA is one of the top 100 most innovative Fintech companies in Europe, offering digital platforms for finance and retail sectors, digital and mobile signature, mobile payments, digital services for point-of-sales terminals and other services. Company is based in Vilnius, Lithuania and is a part of NRD Companies – a global information technology and consulting group of companies specialized in governance and economic digital infrastructure development. NRD Companies are controlled by INVL Technology UTIB – Nasdaq Vilnius listed closed-end investment in IT Businesses Company. INVL Technology managed companies operate as a cluster and implement joint projects in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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Iamus is an international software company based in the Singapore, with offices in Munich and Klaipeda. Iamus provides innovative solutions that enable customers to visualize, monitor, manage and optimize their environments to improve quality of life, reduce environmental impact and energy costs. The Iamus Service Delivery Framework (SDF) is a unique framework that integrates wired and wireless sensors, social networks, mobile and virtual worlds through a set of standard protocols that provide an open, flexible, secure and scalable platform for the creation of intelligent SmartSpheres that can be connected securely and globally.

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NRD Cyber Security

NRD Cyber Security is a cybersecurity technology consulting, incident response and applied research company. The company focuses on services for specialized public service providers (law enforcement, national CERTs, telecoms, national communication regulators, national critical infrastructure), the finance industry and corporations with high data sensitivity. NRD Cyber Security is controlled by INVL Technology, UTIB – Nasdaq Vilnius listed closed-end investment in IT businesses company. INVL Technology managed companies operate as a cluster and implement joint projects in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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Smartivus specialises in consulting, designing of the innovative architecture for TV/media systems and Smart TV/ OTT app development (Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV and others). Our professionals unite over 14 years’ experience in the areas of telecommunication, broadcasting, OTT, TV/media content management solutions. We transform TV/media businesses by creating unique solutions that bring high consumers’ engagement rate, brand recognition, service effectiveness and profitability. Smartivus core strengths – the comprehensive understanding of the business processes, in-depth knowledge of the best elements to create winning solutions, and the highly talented team.

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