January 15 d., 2019

Baltic Cluster Forum 2019 was selected to take part in EU Cluster Weeks

The second conference & matchmaking event the BALTIC CLUSTER FORUM 2019 will be officially included in EU Cluster Weeks schedule and will take place in Lithuania on March 19th. Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) invites all parties who are interested in creating international partnerships with clusters and companies in the Baltic region to save the date and attend the event.

“Last year conference & matchmaking event has attracted over 200 participants from 7 countries. This year we are looking forward to further expand the scope, reach and impact of the event,” says Kęstutis Šetkus, Director of MITA.

Future, innovation & strategy

BALTIC CLUSTER FORUM provides excellent platform to gather latest insights, network and find new partners. Extensive matchmaking session for C2C (cluster to cluster) and B2C (business to cluster) is hosted in addition to informative conference, where experts from different countries share their knowledge.

BALTIC CLUSTER FORUM 2019 this year will focus on one of the key factors to ensure growth and success in the future clusters: innovation. During the conference, variety of local and foreign experts will provide best practices to start, promote and sustain innovation process, reveal the significance of international and cross-sectoral partnerships in fuelling innovation engine.

Registration is open and detailed program is coming soon!

About the Forum

BALTIC CLUSTER FORUM  is organized under the project Promotion and Development of Innovation Networking (InoLink) which is coordinated by the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) and funded by the European Fund for Regional Development. The project is being implemented together with the Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LIC) and aims to encourage companies to merge into clusters, to increase cluster maturity, to promote their growth and international collaboration.

About EU Cluster Week

The European Commission has launched the first initiative of EU Cluster Weeks 2018-2019. The EU Cluster Weeks aim to increase European participation at cluster events and raise awareness on the role of clusters and the results they achieve in supporting SME (small and medium sized enterprise) growth, industrial transformation and regional economic development. The campaign shall help interested stakeholders to spot and join interesting events across Europe and meet their peers.

Events that are part of the EU Cluster Weeks will be published and promoted through the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) channels. The campaign is also a listening exercise on cluster challenges and needs for action that will feed into the debates on the next generation of regional, national and EU cluster initiatives.

October 02 d., 2020

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